Riau Covid-19 Care Volunteers Hand over 2 Incinerator Units to the Riau Provincial Government

PEKANBARU - Riau Covid-19 Care Volunteers provided assistance with two units of incinerators to the Riau Provincial Government (Pemprov) which were useful for destroying or destroying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that had been used.

The incinerator aid was received directly by the Governor of Riau (Gubri) Syamsuar, Saturday (23/5/2020) morning at the Regional Building yard.

Chairman of the Riau Covid-19 Care Volunteers, Dirmanto conveyed that he was very grateful that what had been planned today could be realized. "The two incinerator units arrived a little late, and today we can only hand them over directly," he said.

For this tool itself, he continued, it was long before the factory ordered to assemble it.

He explained, for the price of the 2 units of this tool can not be mentioned in detail. But he continued, the price ranges from hundreds of millions for these 2 units of incinerators.

"And with the presence of these 2 incinerator units, hopefully they can help the Riau Provincial government in breaking the chain of the spread of COVID-19," he hoped.

Gubri Syamsuar received the Incinerator directly from the Riau Covid-19 Care Volunteers.

"Because these 2 incinerator units function to destroy infectious waste, namely converting solid waste into gas and ash material. Thus, it will be able to reduce the scatter and the rest of the medical personnel waste which is dangerous for all of us," he explained.

He mentioned that this incinerator has 2 chambers, the first with a temperature of 800┬░celsius and the second with a temperature of 1,800┬░celcius with a power of 3,000 watts. And for an hour it can destroy as much as 50 kg of PPE, with a capacity of 150 liters of diesel oil.

The CEO of Awal Bross Group, Afan Awaluddin added, to deal with the covid-19 pandemic as it is now, let's join hands to break the chain of distribution.

He said, this incinerator can destroy 50-59 kg of PPE per hour. What is certain is that all solid waste produced by medical personnel can be destroyed.

"We really appreciate the volunteers who care about Covid-19 in Riau, who have been willing to help the government and the people of Riau, starting from PPE assistance, basic necessities, to blood donations," Afan said again.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Riau (Gubri) Syamsuar said on behalf of the task force for the acceleration of the handling of the Covid-19 Riau, he expressed his deepest gratitude to the volunteers who care about Covid-19 in Riau for the assistance of these two incinerators, in order to help destroy the PPE used.

"Initially to destroy this PPE, we sent it to the Center (Jakarta), and it took time and money. And with the help of this Incinerator, we no longer need to send it to Jakarta, but we can destroy it here," said Gubri.

Once again, I would like to thank my fellow volunteers who care about Covid-19 Riau who have provided assistance to these 2 incinerators. And hopefully in the future our brotherhood will continue to be well established," he said.

Source : https://www.halloriau.com/read-huashan-130287-2020-05-23-relawan-peduli-covid19-riau-serahkan-2-unit-insinerator-pada-pemprov-riau.html