Incinerator is a equipment for the thermal destruction of waste through a combustion process in a controlled system and isolated from the environment.

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Municiple Waste Incinerator

Municiple Waste Incinerator suitable for dealing with domestic waste or municipal waste (urban waste) with a burn rate capacity starting from 50 Kg/hour - 1000 Kg/hour. This incinerator is suitable for burning household and other wastes.

Our Product Advantage

This equipment is very efficient used to handle waste waste because the combustion process will destroy combustible waste, besides that it will also reduce the volume and hazardous properties of the waste.

Complience of Incinerator Regulations

This waste treatment equipment is designed complete with air pollution control facilities, so that the emissions produced are below the standard threshold set by the government.

Municiple Waste Incinerator Specification

Specifications for Municiple Waste Incinerators can be seen in the following table.

No. Type Burn Rate
1. ARM-INCSB-DW50 50 KG / Jam
2. ARM-INCSB-DW100 100 KG / Jam
3. ARM-INCSC-DW500 500 KG / Jam
4. ARM-INCSB-DWxx Customized


  • ARM: Armasco Engineering
  • INCSC: Incinerator Solid Waste Continuous
  • DW500: Domestic Waste with Burn Rate 500 Kg/Hour